Is this the final final version?

We’ve all been there. We look in the shared directory and find a group of similarly titled documents.

  • Proposal May 1, 2014, v1 CB
  • Proposal revised final
  • Proposal—final approved—JB Comments
  • Proposal-2-3

 How in the world can you tell what is the latest version, the approved version, the one you should send out, the one you should work on!!!???

There actually is an easy solution to this.

  1. Decide on a document title. It’s best to use underscores or hyphens to separate the words so that the title will work in a web version.
  2. Do not put dates or version numbers in the title.
  3. Every time you are ready to save a new version of the document, save it with the original filename. That way, everyone knows that the latest version of the document is always in the same place with the same filename.
  4. To keep track of versions, add the date and/or version number on the cover. Many organizations also require a document history section of the document where you indicate what changed from date to date or version to version.

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