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Appendix Guide and Links       

Nov 24, 2013

Blum-Liebman Family Tree link (by Jim Blum):  

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Foundation Center

Walter H. Liebman, 1874-1931, Obituary Letter in NY Times, Jan. 18, 1931


US Brewers’ Assn – Yearbook 1915  (obituary for Henry Liebmann, 1836-1915) Google Books (online), p. 131

Description of Henry Liebmann’s Bequest to the NY Society for Ethical Culture (1915) – from Board of Trustees Meetings in Spring.

Description of Two-Branch NYSEC Contribution to Polish Fund for War Sufferers

Charles J. Liebman, Jr. as a Strong Supporter of the Arts

An Experiment in Cooperation Between Masters and Men, by Charles J. Liebmann, The Standard, May 1914 (inaugural issue), pages 10-12. Google Books (online).

The US Brewers’ Assn – Effects of Temperance and War in the Progressive Era

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund

Aufhausen Geographical Location, East of Stuttgart in Württemberg (Satellite Photo)
Postal Code District:  73441 Bopfingen, Germany

The Liebmann Family Is Linked to a Diverse Range of Organizations

Note: All Appendix files below are online long documents (or sets of short documents)

These Appendix files are online and separate in order to keep the main document at a manageable size for emailing and use.

There are in the neighborhood of 25 or more online files on the project website at (select The Past Menu, Leibmann Family and Integrity submenu, Appendix Guide and Links sub-sub-menu),
or go directly to the link: 

A=Non-Refugee Topics




Schlegel – Liebmann – p.233-247


Google Books

Schlegel’s German-American Families in the United States, Volume 3, p.237-247, 1918 edition. By Carl Wilhelm Schlegel, American Historical Society, Google Books (online)


20th Century Religion – David Muzzey – The Standard, May 1914

Google Books

The Standard (Ethical Culture quarterly journal) —
20th Century Religion – David Muzzey – The Standard, May 1914


NYSEC doc #2 – The Moral Issues of the Campaign (Oct 29, 1905 – partial draft, different opening)

Felix Adler addresses (AEU) — Moral Issues of Campaign, NYC, 1905

Addresses by Felix Adler for Ethical Culture Moral Issues of the Campaign, Oct. 29, 1905 (alternate draft)


NYSEC doc #1 – Ralph Waldo Emerson [Centennial] (Oct 18, 1903)

Felix Adler addresses (AEU) — Emerson Centennial

Addresses by Felix Adler for Ethical Culture Ralph Waldo Emerson (Centennial), Oct. 18, 1903


Liebmann family – Breweries of Brooklyn

Book by Will Anderson (Queens Public Library)

The Breweries of Brooklyn, by Will Anderson, 1976, ISBN 0960105611 [out of print book, available in Queens Library system (NYC), Central Library, L.I. Research Room].  Excerpt: Rheingold Breweries, Inc., p. 100-109 – included in Appendix A6.



Biographical Summaries:

Who’s Who in American Jewry (1935)

Biographical Encyclopedia of American Jews (1926, 1938-39)

The Concise Dictionary of American Jewish Biography (1994)

Entries for:

Walter H. Liebman

Walter H. Liebman II,

Charles J. Liebman

Harry Liebmann (Boston)

Arthur M. Lamport

Samuel C. Lamport

James Naumburg Rosenberg


FOR 1916 (p.296-300)

NY Society for Ethical Culture, BOT Minutes, Dec. 1916, p. 296-300. Covers Polish Fund relief collections (p.299); also Hudson Guild report on women’s employment (p.300), and Felix Adler’s report on forming relationships with young men representing various NYC immigrant communities (p.299), and Treasurer’s Report by Walter H. Liebmann (p.296).

Refugees Topics are B, C, D, E =

B = WWI, Post-WWI, and 1930s

C = DORSA (1939-1941)

D = DORSA/Rosenberg essays and town meetings

E = WWII and Post-WWII



Wartime and Post-WWI Conflicts in Eastern Europe, 1914-1920 (JDC)



Dinner Tendered by Mr. Jacob Schiff to the Executive and Administrative Committees of the Jewish War Relief and Welfare Fund, also to the Captains and Teams of the Campaign, for Dec. 2, 1917 at the Hotel Astor in NYC [date of invitation: Sep. 13, 1917]

–document includes menu, invitation list, and table seating– names include:

·         Walter H. Liebmann (I) – table 32

·         Samuel Liebmann (cousin) – table 32

·         Arthur M. Lamport – table 23

·         James N. Rosenberg – table 22 (Speakers)

·         Paul Baerwald – table 22 (Speakers)


Wartime and Post-WWI Conflicts in Eastern Europe, 1914-1920 (JDC)

(full document is approx 250 MB –a section is taken for the Appendix).
To access full document, go to following URL at JDC and allow 30 min load time: At , search on:


Evidence of Pogroms in Poland and Ukrainia (1919)

Section excerpted: Rejoinder of Louis Marshall, President of Combined Jewish Delegations at Versailles, June 14, 1919 statement.

Rejoinder to President Paderewski’s defense of the street execution of a score of Jews in Poland accused of being Bolsheviks, and to Mr. Gibson, U.S. State Dept.





Wartime and Post-WWI Conflicts in Eastern Europe, 1914-1920 (JDC)

Transmittal letter of documents from JDC Controller Harriet Lowenstein to Cyrus Adler (at Paris Office) for Louis Marshall, chair of American Jewish Relief Committee (full name of JDC then was “Joint Distribution Committee of the American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers”), April 22, 1919

Letter from JDC Office of the Secretary (Howard Gaus) to Col. Herbert Lehman, Dec. 21, 1920, Reconstruction Committee memorandum feedback

B3-1 Wikipedia History of the JDC organization (1914-present)

B3-2 JDC Document History (excerpt): Collection Description of Selected Records of the JDC Administration


Recovery and Reconstruction in Eastern Europe, / Rosenberg’s Concerns, 1921-1923 (JDC)

Letter from R. and B. (James N. Rosenberg) to Felix M. Warburg, Sept. 19, 1922), on publicity

Letter from R. and B. (James N. Rosenberg) to Captain Gardner Richardson, Dec. 15, 1922, on publicity

Letter from James N. Rosenberg, Chairman, European Executive Council, Paris, to B. Kahn, Director, Refugee Dept., Paris, Jan. 12, 1922, Subject: Refugee and Reconstruction Relations with ICA; “Also, I think you know I regard the trade school work as perhaps the most fruitful in its possibilities of any of the work of the J.D.C.”


JDC Committee on Medical Affairs (1921-1923) (JDC)

Letter from Charles J. Liebman (Vice Chairman, Medical Committee, JDC) to Dr. Mithold Chodzko, Minister of Public Health, Republic of Poland, Aug. 19, 1922 – advancing money to Poland to build Public Health training facilities ($40,000 for a State School of Hygeine), and $12,000 for scholarships for five Jewish students.

Letter from Charles J. Liebman (Vice Chairman, Medical Committee, JDC) to Dr. Ludwik Rajchman, Health Section, League of Nations, Sep. 6, 1922

Memo from Charles J. Liebman (Vice Chairman, Medical Committee, JDC) to Bernard Flexner (Chair), Oct. 9, 1922.

Letter from Charles J. Liebman (Acting Chairman, Committee on Medical Affairs, JDC) to Dr. Bernard Kahn, European Executive Council, Oct. 20, 1922.



JDC Committee on Medical Affairs (1921-1923) (JDC)

Letter –Committee on Medical Affairs Report for 1922.


Freeland League Book and Charles J. Liebman

Refugee Economic Corporation (REC) formation and activities in 1930s by Charles J. Liebman (studies and financial/planning services for Jewish territorial resettlement and development projects) (CJH/YIVO)

Three excerpts from Michael Astour book, The Freeland League, that involve Liebman. (With translations from Yiddish.)


·         1936: Meeting with I.N. Steinberg on Australia

·         1937: London Conference on Resettlement 

          1939: North Carolina: Liebman and Alvin Corp project


Agro-Joint in Russia (1924-1938) research by Mikhail Mitsel

“KGB Files Shed Light on a Dark Subject,” article by Claus W. Hirsch


The Evian Conference (1938) – an analysis and evaluation

Laffer, Dennis Ross, “The Jewish Trail of Tears The Evian Conference of July 1938” (2011).Graduate School Theses and Dissertations.


Van Eeden Project (1939, North Carolina farming by European academic refugees) of Alvin Johnson, President of the New School for Social Research

Van Eeden ([Part] 3): The Race To Save Lives, Susan’s 747’s Blog, Susan Taylor Block, Project of Alvin Johnson (founded July 13, 1939, Charles J. Liebman, Secretary)


DORSA/Sosua news clippings and press releases (YIVO/Jacob Levin Collection) – Offer & Agreement

Text of the Dominican Republic’s Refugee Offer (Oct 19, 1939)

Dominican Republic/Dominican Republic Settlement Assn. — Agreement (Jan 30, 1940)


DORSA Relationship and Correspondence (Part 1, 1939) – Liebman, Lamport, and Rosenberg





DORSA proposal development and initiation (1939-1941) (YIVO/Lamport Collection, also NY Times)

Also JDC source for Letter from Paul Baerwald (1935) and for Appendices C2-1 and C2-2 at end of this “C2” list

Documents showing the relationship between Lamport, Liebman, and Rosenberg (Part 1: 1939)

Service for A. M. Lamport, NY Times, Nov. 11, 1940 (quotes Rev. Leo Jung eulogy:  “Mr. Lamport had an “impervious righteousness” and a ”tendency to lose himself enthusiastically in endeavors to promote human happiness, worthwhileness, and enlightenment.”)

Memorandum from Paul Baerwald to leaders of JDC, Agro-Joint, and American Society for Jewish Farm Settlements in Russia, Inc., Sep. 4, 1935. (Distribution list identifies all Exec. Committee- leaders of JDC and Trustees of Agro-Joint in 1935, four years before DORSA, setting the stage for the pivot of bonds and planning to DORSA.

Letter from James N. Rosenberg to Arthur M. Lamport, Sep. 29, 1939 (complains that minutes were taken at a meeting)

Letter from James G. McDonald, Chair of President’s Advisory Committee on Political Refugees, Oct. 3, 1939 (“…I should like you to know how gratified I am at the progress that is being made … while … only a modest undertaking, I think that it may prove to be a significant opening for larger efforts ….”)

JTA News Report, Oct. 27, 1939, Dominican Project, Hailed as “Historic,” To Be Launched in a Few Months
(“Special praise for their “immensely helpful” activities in behalf of the project was accorded by Mr. Rosenberg to Arthur M. Lamport, the investment banker; Charles J. Liebman of the Refugee Economic Corporation; and George L. Warren of the President’s Advisory Committee.”)

Letter from Rosenberg to Lamport, Nov. 6, 1939 (“they represent the first concrete, definite offer of any government to deal on a large constructive scale with the refugee problem.”)

Letter from Lamport to Rosenberg, Dec. 4, 1939 (conveys a thank-you from Trujillo “for the many courtesies which you have recently shown him.”)

C2-1: Letters and Telegram to and from Liebman and Rosenberg, and from Paul Baerwald on initial effects of war, Dec 1939.

C2-2: Book and Report Excerpts on DORSA achievements of each principal – Liebman, Lamport, and Rosenberg

C2-3: Memorandum of Meeting Held At Office of James N. Rosenberg on Sep. 25, 1939 — Unauthorized Minutes of decision-making meeting of high-level people concerning initiating negotiations with the D.R. and building an organization


DORSA proposal development and initiation (1939-1941) (YIVO/Lamport Collection, also NY Times)

Documents showing the relationship between Lamport, Liebman, and Rosenberg (Part 2: 1940):

Letter from James N. Rosenberg to Arthur M. Lamport, Feb. 14, 1940 (complains that stock pledge was not kept as made)

Invitation from James N. Rosenberg, President of DORSA, to Town Hall Club on Feb. 15, 1940, following his return from the D.R.

Letter from Lamport to Rosenberg, Feb 23, 1940 (explains qualifications about his stock pledge)

Letter from to Robert T. Pell, Dept. of State, April 15, 1940 (clears up apparent mixing of stock purchase and personal loan fund for entrepreneurs)

Letter from Rosenberg to Lamport conveying copy of letter to Pell, April 15, 1940

Letter from Charles J. Liebman (Pres. REC) to Rosenberg (Chairman of Agro-Joint), Oct. 31, 1941 (rejects offer to sell DORSA to REC, consolidating refugee efforts and shifting colony expenses out of Agro-Joint; Liebman explains reasons – inadequate financing and very different methods and goals)

Letter from Paul Baerwald to Charles J. Liebman, Dec. 22, 1942, continuing their productive relationship and addressing Bolivia needs. The tone is very friendly – Paul addresses CJ Liebman as “Charlie.” They are old friends going back 25-30 years at JDC.

Arthur Matthew Lamport Page on Blum Liebman Tree (Jim Blum).


Lamport NY Times ( Liebman Blum Family Tree by James Blum)

Arthur Lamport – news reports (personal):

Lamport Will Aids Charity, Education, NY Times, Nov. 14, 1939

Overview – (Liebman-Blum Tree)

Anthony Lamport Wedding, NY Times, Aug. 28, 1961

(son of Dr. Harold Lamport, grandson of Arthur M. Lamport)

Lamport-Friedman [engagement], NY Times, April 1928 (Helen Lamport, daughter of Arthur M. Lamport)


Lamport D.R. Trip Diary (YIVO/Lamport Collection)

Arthur M. Lamport Trip Diary, Mar.22- April 5, 1940 (six pages covering 12 days, plus page documenting source)


Lamport Trip Correspondence and Personalities

DORSA/Sosua fact-finding and implementation trip by Lamport (YIVO/Lamport Collection

Lamport correspondence — Preparation and Follow-Up To D.R. trip:

Re: Mr. Lamport’s Visit To Santo Domingo, compendium of JTA news stories during trip

·         Lamport To Visit Dominican Republic for Industrial Survey, Mar. 24, 1940

·         Lamport Arrives in Trujillo City; To Inspect Sosua Tract, March 26, 1940

·         JTA Correspondent Visits Sosua; Finds it like ‘Summer Resort’, Mar. 30, 1940

·         Free Loan Society Launched in Dominican Republic by Lamport, April 1, 1940

Letter from Rosenberg to Trujillo, Nov. 21, 1939

Letter from Lamport to Bonetti (Trujillo’s son), also several cartons of cigarettes, including one for his host, Mrs. Senior, Apr. 15, 1940

Letter from Lamport to Joseph J. Gaber, Apr. 12, 1940

Letter from Dr. Polanco-Billini (Hospital Marion) to Lamport, Apr. 28, 1940

Letter from Lamport to Dr. Polanco-Billini (Hospital Marion), Apr. 12, 1940 (discusses Dr. Harold Lamport’s interest, his son)

Letter from Secretary to Mr. Lamport, to Mrs. Senior, Sep. 9, 1940 (informing Mrs. Senior that she has not received a reply from Lamport because he has been ill for four weeks)


JDC Archives Website

JDC Archives Website:

·         Case Study: Researching the Jews of Sosua

Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) — Historical News Reports Related to the DORSA project in Sousa, Dominican Republic, April 8, 1940

·         JTA:  Sousa Film Shown In London

·         JTA:  Waste of Thousands of Visas as Quota Year Nears End


(subsumed under C7)

Sosua refugee settlement research using books in JDC Library

JDC — summary website page for DORSA research done at JDC:

·         Tropical Zion (Allen Wells, 2009)*

·         Dominican Haven (Marion Kaplan, 2008)

* Also see Appendix C2-2 for text excerpts from Wells.


DORSA/Sosua news clippings and press releases (YIVO/Jacob Levin Collection)

New Ambitions Brighten Lives of Refugees In Santo Domingo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jan. 3, 1941

Leon Falk, Jr. of Pittsburgh and his wife were project specialists in Sosua

35 Refugees Sail for Dominican Port, NY Times, April 24, 1940

First 37 for Sosua Settlement Reach Dominican Land of Refuge, May 9, 1940

18 Refugees Sail for Sosua Colony, Sep. 20, 1949


DORSA/Sosua news clippings and press releases (YIVO/Jacob Levin Collection)

Article, Forwerts (Forward) newspaper, NYC (c.1940)

Yiddishkeit focus in headline for Sosua beginnings and development


DORSA/Sosua news clippings and press releases (YIVO/Jacob Levin Collection)

Concerning Jewish Refugee Settlement in the Dominican Republic, Feb. 15, 1940 — Rosenberg Town Meeting #1 (early 1940)


DORSA/Sosua news clippings and press releases (YIVO/Jacob Levin Collection)

Concerning Jewish Refugee Settlement in the Dominican Republic, June. 12, 1940 — Rosenberg Town Meeting #2 (mid 1940)


DORSA/Sosua news clippings and press releases (YIVO/Jacob Levin Collection)

Concerning Jewish Refugee Settlement in the Dominican Republic, Nov. 1940 — Rosenberg Town Meeting #3 (late 1940)


DORSA/Sosua news clippings and press releases (YIVO/Jacob Levin Collection)

The Story of Sosua, by James R. Rosenberg, Nov. 1, 1940


DORSA/Sosua news clippings and press releases (YIVO/Jacob Levin Collection)

Pan American Union, June 1940




DORSA/Lamport family member recollection



YIVO/Lamport Collection

Email excerpt from Anthony Lamport to Herbert Klitzner, Feb 14, 2013


Lamport Project Files – crop analysis, demographics, public support, situation analysis (4 documents):

–Letter from Andres Pastoriza to A.M. Lamport July 29, 1939

–Memorandum of Conversation with Robert F. Martin, Sept. 1, 1939 (from Myron Rosenfield to Lamport)

–Letter from Myron Rosenfield (NYU Dept of Economics) to A.M. Lamport, Oct. 26, 1939 (letter of gratitude)

–Letter from Lamport to Joseph Rosen (in D.R.) May 7, 1940 – letter of advice as colonists begin to arrive.



WWII/U.S. (1942-1945) (JDC, YIVO)

Letter from Paul Baerwald, head, JDC/Agro-Joint, to Charles J. Liebman, continuing their productive relationship in Latin America (Dec. 22, 1942), “We have been struggling with Dorsa and the question of J.D.C. responsibility in the matter…In the Executive Committee, all agreed that cannot allow these [DORSA and Bolivia] enterprises to deteriorate from lack of funds.” (Also included in documents showing the relationship between Lamport, Liebman, and Rosenberg, in Appendix C3.)

Letter from Otto Schiff to I.N. Steinberg, recommending Liebman’s organization as a resource and route (Sep. 29, 1944)


A Challenge To All Jews In the Phillipines, Information Bulletin, Vol. 2, No. 8, Aug. 1948, NYAR45-54_00080_00296

Letter from G. Mora (French loans) to Mr. Liebman and Mr. Komlos, Dec. 2, 1948, NY_AR45-54_00024_00616



Post-WWII/Refugee Economic Corp –1947-1951 activities, (JDC)



Last phase of REC and Liebman’s refugee support and planning career.

A Challenge To All Jews In the Phillipines, Information Bulletin, Vol. 2, No. 8, Aug. 1948, NYAR45-54_00080_00296
UJA campaign asking to eliminate DP camps worldwide in 1948 –gives a figure of 1.5 million survivors in Europe, broken down by destinations – aggressive campaign, requests face-to-face discussion of donation level.

Letter from G. Mora to Mr. Liebman and Mr. Komlos, Dec. 2, 1948, NY_AR45-54_00024_00616

from Chaussures des Artisans Reunis – Loan kassas in France, 100,000 franc capital.

Letter from Bund der Christlichen Gewerkshaft (BCG – Christian Workmen’s organization) to President Liebman, Aug. 2, 1950, NY_AR45-54_00173_00479

A Union rebuilding again, asking assistance and advice from their NY friends –had 2 million members in 1933, used to work closely with Liebman. All funds were confiscated by Hitler and put into a central union, the DAF.

Letter from Dr. Karl Lillienthal, of Congregacao Israelita Paulista, Nov.17, 1950, NY_AR54-45_00173_00445

–their leader is very sick.

Letter from JDC Exec Asst Robert Pilpel to Liebman, Jan. 17, 1951, NY_AR54-45_00173_00410

–redemption of [REC] bonds are credited to our account (JDC/Ago-Joint). Address of Liebman is Hotel Savoy Plaza. He is about 74 years old.

–So, 10 years later, the 1941 Agro-Joint offer to combine the two main refugee agencies’ assets is finally realized, in another form than the original one intended.

Letter from Emery H. Komlos to Liebman, May 27, 1947, NY_AR45-544_00020_00775

recommends shifting funds from a Czech textile mill to Trujillo City in the D.R., to take over the Abraham Staimen loan to the D.R. loan fund initiated by Lamport, Staimen, and a third investor. The Czech fund has a low reserve now. Komlos advises to go for ventures with a better economic outlook – this includes the Lamport D.R. fund. Like the energizer bunny, it has kept running when everything else has stopped 10 years later.
Remarkable foresight and understanding, worth the temporary grief Lamport got from the State Dept. and Rosenberg for the specific technical way he implemented a parallel track of development to DORSA’s agricultural settlement.

Memo from Liebman REC Board Members: Minutes of special meeting of Board of Trustees to arrange to dissolve REC, April 6, 1950, NY_AR45-54_00072_00938

Board members present:

·         H. Fred Baerwald

·         Henry Heming

·         Charles J. Liebman

·         George W. Naumburg (James Naumburg Rosenberg relative)

·         Eric M. Warburg

·         Julius Weiss

Letter from Liebman to Bertha Komlos, June 22, 1950, NY_AR33-44_00072_00614

–“We have finally decided to terminate this work as the emergency is well past.”

–She is the mother of two children who have worked loyally and effectively for Liebman, and have passed away. He encloses a check from RAF for $2500 and says that another is available for her if needed at REC for $1500.


Book excerpts from Quest for Settlement (1948) by Charles J. Liebman.

Quest for Settlement: Summaries of Selected Economic and Geographic Reports on Settlement Possibilities for European Immigrants

·         Foreword by Charles J. Liebman, President, REC (E3)

·         Factors of Settlement with a Resume of Possibilities, by F. Julius Fohs (board member and oil geologist and engineer; also edited short versions from the full research reports carried out for the regions below) (E3)

·         The Americas (E4)

·         Africa (E5)

·         Middle East (E5)

·         Southwest Pacific (E6)

·         Tropics (E6)

·         Index Map (E7)

·         Book Cover (E8)


Charles J. Liebman — Three Obituary Notices in the NY Times


New York Times, obituary notices, Sep. 17 and 18, 1957.

Charles J. Liebman died Sep.15, 1957. Besides the family notices, three of the organizations he worked for at the board level places obituary notices of their own, honoring his long-time dedicated service:

·         Hudson Guild

·         JDC

·         Palestine Economic Corp.



Then select Refugees program.

Music Program CD and Playlist by Herbert Klitzner

“Refugees,” Jan. 2013, Herbert Klitzner

Short document containing playlist for two-part CDs, illustrations, and list of readings done over music.

Central image is the Three Tenors representing the “triumvirate” of Liebman, Rosenberg, and Lamport that made the DORSA settlement possible. Includes excerpts from three symphonies concerning WWII, including Vaughn Williams Symphonies 5 and 6. Also includes tracks for reading over, with reflective choral or guitar music. And contains a poem by Emily Dickinson which fits the situation of refugees, entitled A Place Called Morning, built around pilgrims.

F1-1 Link to the Refugees Music CD Program online.


Summary of Music Programs Created by Herbert Klitzner for Estonia Radio

One-page graphical listing of Estonia Radio programs by Herbert Klitzner, broadcast from 2001 to 2003.