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Carol Klitzner is a technical writer with an unusually broad range of experience. Carol produces clear, focused, easy-to-use technical and user manuals targeted to the specific audience that will be using the manual. The documents Carol produces have these qualities:

  • User manuals are task-oriented, giving quick information that allows users to perform their business functions efficiently and effectively.
  • Help systems are organized and indexed so users can get to the information they need and get on with their work.
  • Technical manuals are clear, unambiguous, and convey the needed information to the technical audience.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans and documentation, designed to provide business resiliency for any size company.
  • Requirements documentation, test plans, and other SDLC documents convey information from one part of the team to others on the team:













    •  From the project-management team to an offshore development group.

    • From the designers of the end-user experience to the developers and QA team.

    • From the development team to the operations team.

 The Portfolio link on the menu above opens a page of samples. This page is available only by password granted only for a short period of time. Carol has worked in a variety of industries, and specializes in quickly understanding what users need in that business to become more productive. She has:

  • Written for financial companies
  • Documented policies and procedures for major banks
  • Documented trading systems for traders and investment bankers
  • Developed pharmaceutical test plans under FDA rules
  • Documented information risk management systems for investment banks
  • Created requirements for market-research systems
  • Created online training materials for insurance companies and banks
  • Authored help systems for end-users in medical, financial, market research, asset management and other fields

Carol uses a variety of professional tools, including: Microsoft Office 2010, Visio, Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, RoboHelp, Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate, Lectora, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, DreamWeaver, WordPress, Microsoft Project, IBM WebSphere, Javascript, HTML5, SQL, SharePoint and others.